Joe Pine virtual event: Coronavirus, the experience economy and rebooting retail

Joe Pine, co-founder of Strategic Horizons LLP, will be hosting a virtual event on how retail providers can reboot once the coronavirus crisis has passed.

Joe Pine will be co-hosting an online event entitled “the Experience Economy Challenge: Reboot Retail 2020.” This two-hour interactive session will take place on Friday 24 April at 4 pm CEST. Pine will be presenting alongside fellow Experience Economy expert Albert Boswijk.

During this session for retail professionals, Pine and Boswijk will run through strategies for retailers in order to help them advance once they are able to reopen to the public, following the coronavirus pandemic.

Rebooting retail

The virtual event will explore opportunities for forward-thinking retail brands to engage with and retain customers in the future, once businesses begin to reopen. It will assert that retailers need to act now in order to adapt to the new normal, which provides a chance for businesses to rethink and reinvent the retail experience.

It will help attendees to create individual plans and focus on the necessary action points that they need to take. The event will feature presentations and a panel discussion, followed by a Q&A with pre-submitted questions. Registration and more information can be found here.

Experience-led transformation

Pine has also written new content for Rightpoint, exploring why experiences will continue to be the most important criteria for enterprise-level success. In this, he talks about how the current crisis will speed up the movement from physical to digital, leading to a knock-on effect for those businesses dependent on a physical location.

Pine believes that the global pandemic will fundamentally alter the behaviour of customers, and talks about how the customer experience will be a key factor in recovery. He also offers advice on mapping a response to the crisis.

In 2019, Strategic Horizons announced the release of an updated edition of The Experience Economy, with new content.