World class experience delivery company, Sysco Productions, is celebrating the opening of Triumph Motorcycles’ brand new visitor experience.

The Triumph Factory Visitor Experience showcases the design excellence, engineering precision and human endeavour behind the iconic British motorcycle brand.

Visitors immerse themselves in the Triumph story in eight thematic zones across two floors: Attitude, BloodLine, Performance, Iconic, For the Ride, Individuality, Belonging, and Design.

Throughout the exhibition, seamless AV delivers a dynamic and immersive experience that both informs, inspires and entertains. The media content and spirited chronicles present a vibrant backdrop for the elegant and powerful motorbikes.


Seamless AV key to making exhibition a triumph

The tour begins with Attitude, where visitors are welcomed by a looping video highlighting the devotion and ambition that makes a Triumph such a triumph. With seamlessly blended projectors and local audio, this opening encounter sets the scene for the journey ahead.

The Performance section focuses on five bikes and their achievements as part of the bloodline of today’s fastest Triumph bikes. A chronology of speed is delivered by a looped projection across a curved wall using short throw projectors, synchronised with a circular speedometer floor projection.

The experience ends with a display of wall-mounted OCD screens showcasing the design and engineering processes.

Visitors can also benefit from guided tours of the exhibition. Using a control iPad, tour guides have the ability to adjust audiovisual settings as they walk through the space, tailoring the experience to suit their audience.

According to Sysco, the key to the success of the project was teamwork:

“Design collaboration provided the opportunity to offer valuable advice on the best technologies available and guidance in outlining the most creative audiovisual solutions for fulfilling the client requirements and achieving the project vision of delivering an impactful visitor experience.”

“We had a very high expectation for the AV in the new factory visitor experience, and the result has not only exceeded this but delivered a truly engaging and immersive experience,” adds Miles Perkins at Triumph Motorcycles. “The close collaboration we had on the design and technology plan was key to the success of this great new motorcycling and engineering venue.”