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D-BOX announces nearly 3,000 plays of MajorMega’s Hyperdeck in opening month

Hyperdeck at Two-Bit Circus D Box Technologies

D-BOX Technologies, a world leader in immersive motion entertainment experiences, has announced that MajorMega’s Hyperdeck VR attraction, which is powered by D-BOX motion technology, is approaching 3,000 plays in the opening month at Two Bit Circus.

D-BOX is proud to announce that MajorMega’s new Hyperdeck VR attraction has been a bit hit at Two Bit Circus, with almost 3,000 plays in its first month.

The experience lasts for ten minutes and has the capacity to support 24 players per hour, each paying $15 dollars per play. The combination of this high throughput, simple to operate attraction, with the popularity of the micro-amusement park Two Bit Circus has led to a high number of visitors since Hyperdeck opened to the public.

Impressive ROI

“Our current progress at Two Bit Circus puts an operator on track to recoup their initial investment in just five months, reaching a 200% ROI in the first year,” says Michael Bridgman, Co-Founder at MajorMega. “It’s been very exciting to see the Hyperdeck perform this way. We can’t say enough about the team at Two Bit Circus and the atmosphere, brand, and overall experience they have created. An attraction’s success is equally dependant on the operator and we couldn’t ask for a better partner.”

“Hyperdeck is fantastic,” says Andy Dunn, Executive Producer and Head of Attractions at Two Bit Circus.  “It’s a crowd-pleaser – fun, engaging and social – providing a thrilling, immersive VR experience. From the operator’s perspective, Hyperdeck is easy to operate and reliable, plus MajorMega has been great to work with. Hyperdeck provides an experience that would be difficult for others to recreate.”

A first-class attraction

“We have had the opportunity to work with some amazing companies this year like Two Bit Circus, Hersheypark and D-BOX,” said Bryce Winter, Director of Business Development at MajorMega. “Ever since unveiling at last year’s IAAPA expo, we have worked diligently to create a rock-solid thrilling attraction that patrons are willing to pay top dollar for. Our success at Hersheypark and Two Bit Circus shows that we have exceeded even our own expectations in all regards.”

D-BOX is the official provider of Hyperdeck’s motion actuators. The full-motion platform by D-BOX and a range of multi-sensory effects enhance the experience, with hurricane-force winds, heat and earth-shaking movements.

“Working with D-BOX has created significant added value for us and our customers. Operators cannot afford equipment failures or expensive repairs eating into their bottom line and D-BOX equipment has been very reliable for us even at high volume play counts like we are experiencing at Two Bit Circus and Hersheypark, says Bridgman.

“We not only love the reliability of D-BOX products but also their level of service that we can also guarantee to our customers and provide timely repairs if necessary as well as an extensive warranty program.”

D-BOX Technologies also announced the Hyperdeck will be on display at IAAPA Expo 2019. Attendees can see it in action at booth #4631 and can arrange an appointment here.

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