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Haifa launches international light design competition

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Haifa in Israel has launched a competition to find a designer for a new light show that reconnects the Port of Haifa with the city.

The competition is being run by Israel’s Tourism Ministry and the Haifa Municipality, in cooperation with Haifa Port. It is open to applicants from around the world working in the field of light, laser and advanced systems.

Describing the competition, its website states: “The competition seeks to create a fantastic light show that involves and reconnects the Port of Haifa to the city and makes use of the unique geographic situation: The city of Haifa stretches from the shores to the top of the Carmel mountain some 525m above sea level.

“The famous Louis Promenade on top of the Carmel mountains offers a marvellous and unique view of the Bay of Haifa and beyond. This competition therefore asks for proposals of a steady light show both to be enjoyed from this promenade, but also from the port itself.”

The competition has two elements, the first is a long-distance light show that must be visible up to 2km away. It will be played each evening and should include a soundtrack that can be played over loudspeakers. The competition’s website states that the light show “shall be visually big (min. 3km wide, 1km high)”.

The second element is a close-up experience, to take place in the area of Hangar 15 at Haifa Port. The website states: “This show shall be deemed exchangeable and be a place for changing light works. This close-up experience shall be integrated into the long-distance experience but also possibly working independently.”

The winning entrant will be selected to complete the project with a budget of ILS 13 million (€3.1 million). The shows are expected to begin operating from September 2018.

Tourism Minister Yariv Levin said in a statement: “With the record-breaking incoming tourism figures, I see great importance in the city of Haifa and development of tourism there. The original and innovative ‘Port of Light’ initiative will be a major attraction that will promote Haifa as a leading tourism city in Israel. This will be an exceptional tourist attraction and I wish the best of luck to all those taking part in the competition.”

Image: Michael Paul Gollmer 

$6 Million International Light Design Competition to Make Haifa Spectacular

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