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MediaMation helps to bring Centennial Fountains back to life in Torrance, California

Centennial Fountain Torrance MediaMation

MediaMation Inc., a leader in immersion entertainment technology, has worked on the renovation of the historic Centennial Fountain in Torrance, California.

MediaMation has worked with Freeport Fountains to bring the Centennial Fountain in West Palm Beach back to life, choreographing it to fit with a new soundtrack, in order to create a unique light and water show. The new show first took place on 3 December, in front of an enthusiastic crowd.

Freeport Fountains used the latest jets from Crystal Fountains to design and build the renovation project. The fountains are now home to 105 adjustable height jets, as well as nine ‘pop jets’ that shoot stream up to 30 feet high. There are also interactive water fountain jets which can produce 16.7 million colours, thanks to the inclusion of 109 RGBW LEDs.

A new light and water show for Torrance

With this cutting-edge, programmable technology, MediaMation’s CITO, Dan Jamele, and Programming Associate, Matthew Jamele, had the opportunity to showcase almost limitless creativity. During the holiday season, the fountain played a Christmas show and will begin playing MediaMation’s performances at weekends from mid-January.

Talking about the renovation project, Jon Vollet, Managing Principal of Freeport Fountains, says:

“Honestly, I could not be happier with how this turned out. It’s an amazing show with great visuals and I think that everyone is going to absolutely love this. We at Freeport Fountains are very happy that we had a chance to work on such an interesting and historical project.”

Last year, MediaMation teamed up with TCL Chinese Theatre to install the new SafeTSeat as the venue prepared to reopen, following its temporary closure due to COVID-19. The SafeTSeat plexiglass barrier can be installed between seats, allowing visitors to maintain social distancing and stay safe while still enjoying both standard and MX4D Motion EFX theatres, giving them peace of mind.

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