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Omnico survey finds 75% of guests willing to trade data for discounts

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Omnico, the cloud-based POS and customer engagement solutions provider, has released the results of its latest survey into theme park apps. It found a large percentage of visitors were willing to provide personal data in return for discounts.

Omnico is pleased to announce the results of its latest survey, concerning theme park apps and personal data. It found that many guests are willing to give personal data, if it means they can access discounts, via theme park apps. This means that parks are able to optimise visitor spend and behaviour through data-driven offers.

Omnico research has found that 75% of US consumers using a theme park app are prepared to swap personal or location data for offers and discounts. The figure rises for younger visitors too – 86% of 25-34-year-olds are ready to trade data for discounts.

Discounts for data

The research surveyed 1,200 US consumers. It discovered that 56% of theme park visitors want to set the kind of offers they receive via an app. 51% said they would like discounts through an app in return for following a route or getting to a certain point in a ride’s wait line. 48% want rewards related to activities for example when they check-in online through social media or upload a picture.

68% of guests said that receiving discounts is the main reason they would consider using games on an app. 48% would continue playing app games after their visit if they could still earn rewards.

“Park operators need to learn fast that the willingness of guests to trade data for discounts provides a powerful tool for generating revenue,” said Mel Taylor, CEO of Omnico. “If operators have the right software in place tying all touchpoints together, they increase personalisation, relevance and efficiency, providing guests with the offers they want while optimising the overall customer experience.”

Convenience-driven apps

Practicality is a priority when looking at what guests want for an app or a new technology. 75% want an interactive theme park app with plan-my-day functions. This is compared with only 25% who prefer to play games while waiting in line.

78% said they would like a voice-activated digital assistant in their theme park hotel room to integrate with their smartphone. Preferred functions include updates for wait times (56%) and loyalty points (45%).

80% responded positively to the idea of fully automated mobile convenience stores which could be used while queueing.  And 81% see apps giving them more peace-of-mind because they can track and monitor their children during a visit. 67% are ready to pay using fingerprint or face scanning on their phones.

Download the new report from Omnico which evaluates loyalty, discounts, new technology and mobile convenience stores for US theme parks. The research also looks at how technology can create a safer and more enjoyable experience for families. 

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