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Zamperla’s Z+ division develops coronavirus safety technology

Zamperla Plus people counter in action

Z+, a division of leading ride manufacturer Zamperla, has developed new technology to safeguard people’s health and contain the spread of viruses.

With the spread of COVID-19 around the world, Zamperla has adapted part of its production to create new products to help contain the virus.

The Z+ division of Zamperal specialises in hi-tech developments for the amusement industry. It has now gone further, creating solutions for healthcare instead.

Looking at the current challenges COVID-19 has presented, such as reducing capacity and checking visitors temperatures, Z+ has created a People Counter, an Intelligent Temperature Test Device and a Welcome Modular Tunnel.

The People Counter

Using a camera tracking system, the People Counter regulates the number of people who enter and leave a building or enclosed area. It also provides real-time data on the number of people within a space.

A tablet display at the entrance to the device shows visitors if it is ok to enter, using a traffic light system. If the space is at full capacity, the tablet will stay red until someone leaves.

The People Counter is small and easy to use, meaning it can be installed at any location.

Its management software also provides statistics on visitor attendance that helps to optimise business by knowing more about visitors, even after COVID-19.

The Intelligent Temperature Test Device

This product detects the body temperature of anyone walking past it. This allows an attraction to ensure no-one is entering who has a temperature. It is a small device that can be mounted to the floor or the wall at the entrance to an attraction.

Rather than displaying the exact temperature, the Intelligent Temperature Test device ensures privacy by indicating the temperature in a traffic light system.

Green signals a temperature from 32°C-37°C, yellow from 37.1°C-37.5°C and red from 37.6°C-40°C. The device can also be personalised to adapt to a specific environment.

Welcome Z+

Design of Welcome Zamperla module
The Welcome Z+ is a control and safety modular tunnel. Using smart technology, required safety checks become a positive and entertaining experience.

Different models perform different safety procedures. The Disinfectant Module subjects visitors to a non-toxic substance to eradicate viruses and bacteria.

In the Hand Sanitiser Module visitors receive hand sanitiser from an automatic dispenser. The system also illustrates where other dispensers are in the area.

The Thermo Scanner Module measures the visitors’ body temperature, whilst the Info Module displays a multimedia screen to communicate recommended behaviour or rules. This could include the need to socially distance in a queue, or wearing a mask at all times.

These Welcome tunnels can have different themes designed by the Z+ art team. This varies from simple sticker panelling to integrating 3D elements and lights. This helps create a fun experience for the visitor.

Zamperla has also launched a new plexiglass safety barrier for rides. The barrier is easy to install with no major changes to the ride and helps to protect guests and staff on the ride.

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