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justin martin

Justin Martin Art Director Meow Wolf’s Convergence Station

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Since 2019, Justin Martin has served as the art director for Meow Wolf’s Convergence Station, which opened in Denver in September 2021. Martin led the art direction in the design and installation phases of the project. He also provided creative and art direction to the design, fabrication and development of exhibit spaces, interactives, the concert venue, retail and F&B spaces, props, lighting, graphics and SFX.

Meow Wolf‘s latest permanent exhibition, Convergence Station, follows the art collective’s House of Eternal Return in Santa Fe and Omega Mart at AREA15 in Las Vegas. The mind-bending exhibition is home to more than 70 unique installations, rooms, wormholes and portals. Three years in the making, Convergence Station boasts art from 300 creatives, including 110 artists from Colorado. Meow Wolf promises a “journey of discovery into a surreal, science-fictional epic”. Prior to his role at Meow Wolf, Martin was employed by Universal Creative, the company that designs, develops and delivers themed attractions and rides for Universal Parks & Resorts. He also worked for Thinkwell Group, the global experience design and production company.

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