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Meow Wolf’s Convergence Station exhibition opens in Denver

Convergence Station, the third permanent exhibition from Meow Wolf, has opened in Denver, Colorado.

meow wolf denver convergence station

Meow Wolf‘s latest permanent exhibition, Convergence Station, has launched in Denver. The psychedelic attraction follows Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return in Santa Fe and Omega Mart at AREA15 in Las Vegas.

Convergence Station is a mind-bending space for art, portals, rooms and wormholes across several worlds, as well as interactive exhibits, retail and F&B. Meow Wolf promises a “journey of discovery into a surreal, science-fictional epic”.

Offerings at Meow Wolf‘s immersive attraction include the neon metropolis of C Street, the frozen civilisation of Eemia, the labyrinths of Ossuary, and Numina – where space-time can be transcended.

Meow Wolf opens third permanent exhibition

“Denver’s art scene is active and vibrant, making it the perfect place for our next exhibition,” said Chadney Everett, executive creative director of Meow Wolf Denver. “Convergence Station will truly change the way you look at art.”

The four-storey exhibition is home to more than 70 unique installations, rooms and portals. Three years in the making, Convergence Station boasts art from 300 creatives, including 110 artists from Colorado.

Colorado-based artists showcased at Convergence Station include Kalyn Heffernan, Christopher Nelson, Everything is Terrible!, Sofie Birkin and Molina Speaks.

Montreal-based multimedia studio, Moment Factory, helped transform Perplexiplex, its live performance venue, into a unique immersive interactive experience.

Denver exhibit boasts art, portals, wormholes

“Our most ambitious project to date, the Denver exhibition is bound to bend minds, inspire creativity, and touch hearts when we open our doors this fall,” said Todd Richins, executive creative producer at Meow Wolf.

“From our partnership with artists and collaborators on the venue, to the retail and food spaces within our walls, Meow Wolf Denver is a one-stop immersive and imaginative art experience for the ages.”

As well as a permanent installation in Washington, D.C., plans have been announced for Meow Wolf Phoenix, a hotel, immersive art exhibition and music venue in the Roosevelt Row Arts District.

Images: Meow Wolf

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