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Meow Wolf’s latest Denver experience is named – Convergence Station

Latest permanent immersive experience stretches the line between imagination and reality even further

meow wolf trash pile Denver convergence station

Meow Wolf has announced the name, theme and opening date for its latest immersive attraction. Convergence Station is set to open in Denver on September 17th and tickets are now on sale.

The interactive attraction, which stretches over four floors of exhibition space, promises “a quantum journey of exploration and discovery through the Meow Wolf multiverse.” Four alien worlds have joined together in a rare cosmic event and, once guests are inside the station, they can explore each world and their backstories, says the company.

Featured destinations include the neon metropolis of C Street; the frozen civilisation of Eemia; the labyrinths of Ossuary; and Numina where space-time can be transcended.

Convergence Station includes hundreds of installations of interactive art in its 488-person capacity venue. A café will serve Denver cuisine and local F&B. A gift shop spanning 2,000 square feet, will sell more than 1,500 unique products.

“Denver’s art scene is active and vibrant, making it the perfect place for our next exhibition,” says Chadney Everett, Executive Creative Director of Meow Wolf Denver. “Convergence Station will truly change the way you look at art.”

79 projects and over 300 contributing artists

Convergence Station includes 79 unique projects, involving a massive collaboration between over 200 internal artists and more than 110 Colorado-based artists, including the Moment Factory, Kalyn Heffernan, Christopher Nelson, Everything is Terrible!, Sofie Birkin and Molina Speaks.

Highlights include Kyle Singer’s alien fashion show, seen through a vintage beehive hair dryer; and Christopher Nelson’s ‘Crystal Future’, a “psychedelic and fragmented perception of reality”.

Meow Wolf teamed up with Moment Factory to create an interactive experience that transforms the venue into what Alexandre Lupien, creative director at Moment Factory, calls “an immersive space of discovery where guests can explore and influence the art around them.”

“Fasten your seatbelts,” says Ali Rubinstein, CCO and Co-CEO of Meow Wolf. “With hundreds of creatives working on this massive endeavour, including overwhelming talent from local Denver- based artists, we can’t wait for guests to experience the magic confined within these uniquely shaped walls.”

meow wolf convergence station entry

Immersive art a growing trend

Meow Wolf started out as small indie art collective in Santa Fe but now holds a dominant position at the interface between interactive art, immersive adventure and sensory experience. Earlier this year the company opened Omega Mart, its second permanent installation in Las Vegas. It also re opened cult favourite the House of Eternal Return in Santa Fe. Plans have also been announced for Meow Wolf Phoenix, a hotel, immersive art exhibition and music venue.

Immersive art experiences are firmly recognised as one of the biggest trends of recent years, making waves across the attractions industry.

“Unlike anything people have seen before”

Chadney Everett promises that the exhibition is unlike anything people have seen before. “From The Swamp to The Cathedral – there’s a strong narrative to be uncovered…alongside truly mind bending art from the many talented creatives that have worked so hard to bring the vision to life. We can’t wait for everyone to explore.”

Images by Kate Russell

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