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Gateway’s Steve Bell to serve on IAAPA M&S Sub-Committee

Gateway's Steve Bell to serve on IAAPA NARAC Committee

Gateway Ticketing Systems, a global leader in ticketing software and admissions control, has announced that Business Solutions Architect Steve Bell is to serve on IAAPA’s North America Manufacturers and Suppliers (M&S) Sub-Committee.

Bell has 17 years of experience in the attractions industry including nine years with Gateway. He brings valuable knowledge and insight to the position.

M&S Sub-Committee’s mission to serve the attractions industry

The IAAPA North America M&S Sub-committee plays an important role. It is responsible for engaging manufacturers and suppliers within the attractions industry. It develops programmes that keep the IAAPA message and mission at the forefront. Being selected for the sub-committee is a recognition of excellent performance in the industry. Members must have proven their dedication to the attractions sector and to IAAPA. Bell will serve for a term of one year after the choice was approved by Jack Mendes, chair of the M&S committee.

Hal McEvoy is the IAAPA President and CEO. He spoke about the importance of having strong, trusted voices on the M&S Committee. “Manufacturers and suppliers are an invaluable sector of our industry,” he said in a statement. “When our M&S members are best served by our programs and offerings, they can in turn best serve the attractions that comprise our association. We know Steve and the M&S Sub-committee will help IAAPA accomplish its mission.”

Bell honoured to contribute to IAAPA Sub-committee

Bell has spoken positively about his appointment to the M&S Sub-committee. He is looking forward to making an impact and believes that his extensive experience will benefit the organisation. “I am honoured to serve as part of the IAAPA Sub-committee,” said Bell. “I am excited to contribute under Jack Mendes and so many other industry veterans, and I look forward to tackling the challenges and making 2019 the best year possible.”

Gateway Ticketing Systems was named in the Top 100 list of ‘Best Places to Work in Pennsylvania’ in 2018. The company has made the list six times in total.

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