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Huis Ten Bosch unveils floating capsule hotel

Huis ten Bosch floating capsule hotel

Japanese theme park Huis Ten Bosch has unveiled a futuristic floating capsule hotel that will start welcoming guests in the summer.  

Each spherical capsule can accommodate two or three guests and is split over two floors. The first floor is dedicated to accommodation while the second is an observation dome. Huis Ten Bosch plans to start trialling the capsules this month.

Guests will check in at the park and then board their capsule, which will then be towed by a ship to a nearby island in Omura Bay alongside the city of Saikai.

The park is planning to open a new facility on the island that will feature an augmented reality game where visitors can fight dinosaurs.

Hideo Sawada, president of Huis Ten Bosch, told a news conference: “We can make more improvements. We will upgrade designs and functions from here on out.”

Huis Ten Bosch is themed on an idealised vision of the Netherlands in the Middle Ages. The park is named after one of the palaces belonging to the Dutch royal family. It features life-size models of some of the country’s most historic buildings as well as canals, windmills and fields of tulips.

It is also famously the home of the Henn na Hotel which is staffed almost entirely by robots. Huis Ten Bosch announced in January that it will expand its use of AI and robots to replace two-thirds of the park’s workforce.

A recent addition to the park is a virtual reality coaster that simulates a 300m drop, speeds of 270kmh, and a course length of 3000m.

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