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Jora Vision to develop Pushkin theme park in St. Petersburg

Jora Vision Pushkin

Jora Vision, a leading design and production company for themed attractions, has signed a contract to develop a Pushkin theme park in St.Petersburg, Russia, called Lukomorye.

Jora Vision is pleased to announce that it will be developing a new themed attraction in St.Petersburg, Russia, based on Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin, considered by many to be the greatest Russian poet and the founder of modern Russian literature. Work by the much-loved poet has been entertaining and inspiring both children and adults for more than 200 years.

Pushkin’s fairy tales are set in an imaginary land called Lukomorye, home to many wondrous stories. One year ago, Svetoch LLC, a company based in Pushkin City, St. Petersburg, asked Jora Vision to assist in the development of the new park..

An immersive experience

St Petersberg is already home to Hotel Natali (named after Pushkin’s wife), run by the CEO of Svetoch, Mrs Goloverova. This includes an FEC and a spa. Svetoch has plans to expand this into an immersive destination that brings Pushkin’s fairy tale land to life in a modern way that also encompassed elements of Russian folklore and tradition.

The main feature will be an all-year-round indoor area measuring around 17,000 sqm. This will include three main theme zones based on those described in Lukomorye; a city, a harbour and a palace. In addition to this, the park will also feature a large outdoor area with attractions and activities across another three zones; the Jarmarka (Russian fun fair market), the swan lake and a magical fairy tale forest.

A solid framework

“We started this project a year ago with a pre-masterplanning study,” says Floris van Eeden, Project Architect at Jora Vision. “This early-stage study is an accessible new service that we offer to our clients, in which we provide an attractions selection, creative concepts and basic park planning, combined with a critical analysis of the project’s feasibility.

“By outlining important starting points of the business plan based on research of the local culture, competition and catchment area, together with calculations of the investment, we carefully balance all ingredients in close collaboration with the client team.

“This way we ensure a solid framework of starting points for a feasible plan that will stand the test of time. But moreover actually, we experience this early process as a great way to really get to know the client team and to be able to better understand what the project needs to become successful.”

After this pre-masterplanning phase, Svetoch LLC approached Jora Vision in September 2019 to in order to begin the full masterplanning and concept design phase. The company will be designing every ride, experience and guest facility of the new theme park.

This will include highly immersive themed experiences as well as two dark rides, which is a field that Jora Vision specialises in, having won Thea Awards for both Bazyliszek and Popcorn Revenge.

“We are very proud to pave new ways for theme parks to bring their local stories alive” explains Jan Maarten de Raad, CEO at Jora Vision. “We love unique and meaningful stories, and are excited to harness our skills to bring these local stories to life to an audience which is not yet very familiar with the concept of theme parks and immersive attractions.”

Lukomorye is expected to open its doors to the public in 2023.

Earlier this year, Jora Vision also announced a project to design and build an interactive museum experience for the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base.

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