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Kazakhstan to get new amusement park

Astana Kazhakstan BurabaiLand.

A new amusement park dubbed BurabaiLand is set to open this summer in a resort area north of Astana, the capital city of Kazakhstan.

BurabaiLand will replace the Kazakh Lapland, which only opened for the winter season. The new park will open year-round

Azamat Yerbatyrov, head of marketing and tourism for park developer Burabai Damu, told The Astana Times: “After the rebranding of Kazakh Lapland, we will become BurabaiLand amusement park.

“People thought it would be something like Disneyland, as there is the similarity of names. However, it is not an analogue of Disneyland. Our amusement park will be interesting not only for children, but also adults. There will be carousels, Hobbiton houses, a House of Fear, quest rooms and six houses with interesting mirror and laser labyrinths.”

Kazakh Lapland launched in 2012 as a representation of the Finnish Lapland. It included activities like dog sledding, skating, skiing, and horse and pony rides. Burabai Damu wanted to extend the appeal of the park into other seasons and came up with the BurabaiLand project.

The park will be located in the Shchuchinsk-Burabai resort zone and is part of a $191.2m plan to develop the area. The project is aims to expand year-round opportunities at the resort.

Kazakhstan is keen to establish itself as an exciting emerging nation within central Asia and hosted Expo 2017 Astana last year. The country has huge hydrocarbon wealth and oil is the principal source of revenue.

Last week, Blooloop reported on another amusement park that has been proposed for Astana. The Meruyert theme park is expected to cost as much as $200m and is planned to open in 2025.

BurabaiLand year-round amusement park to be launched in summer

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