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Movie Park Germany adding immersive coaster in 2021

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Movie Park Germany has announced that it is building an immersive, multidimensional roller coaster to celebrate its 25th anniversary, launching in 2021.

The indoor coaster will have various special features, including sound and special effects, two acceleration sections (forwards and backwards), and a 360-degree rotating platform.

It will be a cinematic and immersive family-friendly experience boasting multimedia, set to open at Movie Park Germany in spring 2021.

“The 25th anniversary of Movie Park Germany is an important milestone in our park history,” said managing director Thorsten Backhaus.

“That is why we would like to give our visitors a special gift,” he added.

Cinematic special effects at Movie Park Germany

movie park germany
Movie Park Germany

“Families with children are our main target group, and our regular surveys have shown that our guests want a new family attraction without rollover, which is convincing with a good theming and storyline.

“As a film and amusement park, we don’t want to miss out on some Hollywood-style action,” he said. “This is ensured by an interesting route and numerous multimedia effects.”

Intamin, the creator of record-breaking amusement rides, is the company behind the first double-launch indoor coaster in Europe.

The coaster will be located in the hall that previously housed the Ice Age Adventure and horror house Wrong Turn.

Riders will travel down a 532m route at up to 60km/h. The attraction will have three trains and 12 seats per train, with a capacity of 900 people every hour.

First double-launch indoor coaster in Europe

movie park germany
Movie Park Germany

“In the past, Movie Park Germany had very good experiences with Intamin,” added Backhaus. “With ‘The High Fall’, ‘Excalibur’ and ‘Area 51’ we already have three attractions from Intamin in our park portfolio.

“Some of these are among our most popular rides. We are therefore very happy to work with such a renowned partner for our new major project and to offer our guests the next attraction blockbuster.”

In addition, the ride will boast large screens, plasma screens, sound effects and wind machines, with Hollywood-style backdrops for a totally immersive experience.

The first rail and track elements will be delivered from the end of October, with construction work starting in the large hall.

Meanwhile, Intamin has also introduced four products to the wider industry – the Hot Racer, Vertical LSM, Giga Splash and Ultra Splash.

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