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Wiegand presents new interactive ride, the CoasterKart

Wiegand CoasterKart

Wiegand, a creator of innovative slides and rides, presents its latest interactive attraction, the CoasterKart.

Wiegand is pleased to announce a brand new interactive slide that will provide fun for all the family – the CoasterKart. Guests can enjoy a fun kart race where they are in control, setting the pace by putting the foot down on the accelerator pedal.

As visitors sit in their kart, they will find themselves side by side with another lane, giving them the chance to race with friends and family.


Wiegand CoasterKart racingThe track for this innovative new attraction is based on the popular Wiegand-Alpine Coaster, which has 270 successful installations across the globe. In addition to this, the speed boost is created by a linear induction motor (LIM).

The CoasterKart track can be added either to existing terrain or to a specially-designed area, and the coaster can reach heights of 5 metres without any foundations needed. This means that the system is both simple to install and environmentally friendly. Riders will have a smooth and fun experience as they race to the end of the track.

The first installation of the CoasterKart is at Rowdy Bear Ridge Adventure Park, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, where it will open this autumn.

This new attraction has a throughput of 500 people per hour, with two riders in each car. The low maintenance ride requires a minimum of two staff to run and can be operated year-round. It can be installed either indoors or outdoors and is ideal for theme parks, shopping malls and even cruise ships.

Options include over and underpasses, banked curves, jumps and waves as well as gyroscopic constructions without foundations. It is available with the racing feature with two lanes, or as a people mover with two or more stations.

Earlier this year, wiegand.waterrides announced that it had built the world’s first stainless steel eight-lane Mat Racer water slide, which can be found at the new OCT Group water park in Xiangyang, China.

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