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Amusement Parks: Going for a Thong


Perhaps there will also be the cheery faces and extended hands of amusement park employees at the gate – but there will also be this arresting view: a set of lady’s legs and hips with a red thong, revolving on a circular platform. No upper body. She’s big on the derriere this girl, no décolletage to speak of, indeed no head…

Love Land’s leggy icon will certainly build a sense of something powerful in the park-goer and perhaps make him (or her??) receptive to the  Chongqing based amusement park’s other attractions, the naked sculptures and exhibition of the history of sexual practices in various countries. One high spot promises to be, as a story in The Guardian immodestly relates,   the “oversized replica of a set of genitals” leading to the question of what is the optimum size for a set (pair? package? portfolio?) of genitals.

Long live astounding cultural differences!

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Rachel Reed

Rachel Read

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