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Amusement parks: Holiday World starts to Twitter…


And on their Holiblog last week Blooloop was blogged about. In fact it was a blog about a post HW’s president Will Koch had added to these very pages (erm, screens?) the week before. So now I am blogging about a blog about a blog. My mind struggling with this in the way my eyes might struggle with a Bridget Riley painting. Maybe soon I’ll be twittering about a twit, if that is indeed the noun here… all very confusing.

A headline we didn’t add this morning concerned a man assaulting a camel, Camel punching at Vallejo theme park leads to arrests.   It’s all in the headline you see. The headline writer had to get the camel in there somehow. We have a TV show here in the UK, which purports to be a profound and searching analysis of the growing problem of childhood obesity. Naturally the program had to have a few subjects and naturally the subjects were asked to perform various arduous tasks in the name of research.. The show is called "Can Fat Teens Hunt?"

On Friday… My mate John, was to take his chair (he is a furniture designer) to London for a high profile meeting with a group of Investors. Before getting on the train for the big smoke, he went for a session of acupuncture. The acupuncturist was, apparently, a bit out of sorts, distracted, as he was having trouble with his marriage. Session over, John gets on the train, arrives at Paddington, goes via tube to The City and then does a presentation (which goes down very well) to group of 20 or so investors, designers, buyers etc. After doing so he is approached by one who asks him if he had seen an acupunturist that morning. John replies that yes, as matter of fact he did but how on earth did the he know?  "Well" the guy said, "you have a needle sticking out of the top of your head!"

Still thinking about Dubai, that place is such an experience. Regretfully a number of potential attendees to the DEAL show didn’t make it into the UAE as they were young unmarried women and denied entry.  IAAPI‘s Nidhi , Saikat’s new assistant at Premier Fountains and Hytechnology‘s Joy didn’t make the cut. No such policy is in place for middle-aged balding men so most of us got through OK.

My last day in the UAE Rachel and I went for a swim out to an island off the coast and snorkelled around on a glorious reef, marvelling at the myriad shapes and colours of the fish.  Then we saw a shark, drifting away into the gloom. Great we saw one, sure it was quite a lot bigger than we’d thought it might be but at least we saw one. Turned round to swim back home.. 3 sharks.  Sure they weren’t  "you’re gonna needa bigger boat" size but they were big enough for me, 2 metres long and fat and (thankfully) well fed looking.  The 500 metres back to shore seemed to take an age and with each stroke the sharks grew an inch. Back at the hotel the dive guy laughed: "Oh no need to worry, " he told us they’re just reef sharks. Perfectly safe he said.  As long as you a) don’t swim at dusk, b) don’t swim alone, c) don’t have even the tiniest hint of a cut on your skin, d) don’t move in a erratic manner, e) don’t do any spearfishing and f) don’t swim in murky water.  Perfectly safe you see.

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Rachel Reed

Rachel Read

Rachel is Finance Director. She has a degree in engineering from Cambridge University and qualified as a Chartered Accountant at Deloittes in London. She worked in finance in industry for twenty years. She oversees our news and also manages our events.

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