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Waterplay releases the Water Weaver series

waterplay water weavers

Waterplay, the aquatic play specialist, has released three new experience-driven products with the Water Weaver series. The interactive and unique Water Weavers are available now to the global market.

Water Weavers feature a simple design, but with superb play value. They are easy to install and offer multi-user, collaborative play experiences.

The new products are created to stimulate the mind and inspire exploration. They also encourage spatial awareness and movement through interactivity and playful weaving water effects.

The lead designer of Water Weavers was Markus Ehring, Founder of German design company Public Poetry.

The new Water Weavers feature a simple design

waterplay water weavers

“Water Weavers are a unique product that focuses on the energy the water brings to the play space,” said Ehring.

“The design is minimal, but the play value and water display are exceptional, making for a very fun product that will be a nice addition to any space.”

Waterplay’s new additions work individually or together as a group. They also work alongside any of Waterplay’s product lines.

Waterplay has more than 30 years of experience in the industry, and hopes to connect the world through play with innovative aquatic play solutions.

Interactivity and playful weaving water effects

waterplay water weavers

The company’s products include freestanding aquatic play solutions designed to splash and spray, activity towers, and water management solutions.

Earlier this year, Waterplay appointed Kyle Siedlik as its new Regional Sales Manager. He has nearly two decades of experience in dry and aquatic playground equipment sales.

Waterplay also recently released two new aquatic therapy features, created for aquatic facilities. The new restorative sprays are designed to improve physical wellbeing through water therapy.

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