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Zamperla presents The Big WaveZ

The Big WaveZ_Zamperla

Zamperla, a leading ride manufacturer, has launched a brand new attraction, The Big WaveZ.

Zamperla has announced the launch of The Big WaveZ, a new ride which combines the classic shoot-the-chute attraction with the thrills of a drop tower. Plus, as well as the usual fun of a big splash, the unique ride also features an interactive video game section

The Big WaveZ takes passengers to the top of a 15 metre-high tower, where they can then enjoy a gaming experience, allowing them to take full control of the outcome, depending on their interactions and game dynamics.

An interactive experience

The ride features Z+ sensors and cameras to capture the riders’ every move, meaning that the attraction changes each time for a personalised experience and maximum repeatability. The ride’s finale is in the hands of the visitor, with the size of the splash depending on the outcome of the game section.

With this new attraction, Zamperla has combined storytelling and ride technology to create an innovative attraction that puts the guest at the heart of the action, allowing them to guide their own journey. As well as the intelligent technology and the personalized experience, the company has also come up with an engaging storyline for The Big WaveZ.

Zamperla The Big WaveZ

“We strive to create the most unique experiences and the Big WaveZ is all about the show, exciting to ride as to watch, it combines Big thrill in a small footprint and huge splash with Big spectacle,” says the company. “Zamperla aims to conduct people through memorable journeys, taking storytelling and attraction design to the next level, putting riders at the heart of the action.”

Earlier this year, Zamperla also shared the results of recent research on amusement parks as a cure for stress in the wake of the global pandemic.

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