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Colchester Zoo App, a leading creator of mobile visitor apps, has partnered with Colchester Zoo in order to provide a new guest-facing mobile app. is proud to announce its new app for Colchester Zoo, a popular visitor attraction in Essex, UK. This will improve the experience for visitors, as well as helping to keep them safe with one-way route navigation and targeted messaging.

Colchester Zoo is now open to the public once again, following the COVID-19 lockdown in the UK. It covers 60 acres of parkland and lakes and is home to more than 220 species.

Keeping guests safe

The app includes an interactive map and wayfinding feature, meaning that guests will be able to find their way around and stick to the new one-way system that is in place. This is one of the zoo’s new safety measures, to ensure appropriate social distancing.

The zoo and aquarium sector is facing new challenges as a result of the pandemic, as venues have had to continue spending money on animal care despite not having revenue from ticket sales during the closures. Sadly, many are now fighting for survival.

Measures such as this new app, which helps to reassure guests that their safety is a priority, will help zoos to encourage visitors to return. Colchester Zoo will be able to use the app to send specific messages to guests, letting them know how to keep safe while on site.

Communicating with visitors

The app can also prompt guests to leave feedback after their visit, therefore spreading the message that the zoo is both safe and open for business. The Zoo can also send messages about fundraising and donation opportunities, showing visitors how they can get involved. Tailored messages can be targeted to different guests, highlighting things such as adoption offers.

Mark Locker, CEO of says, “We’re really excited about the possibilities the app will bring to Colchester Zoo. As well as helping to keep guests safe whilst social distancing remains a priority, the app will be instrumental for improving the guest experience and creating new fundraising opportunities both now and longer-term.”

Melissa Dench, Business Development Manager at Colchester Zoo says, “Although the mobile app project has been in the pipeline for some time, were really responsive and happy to adapt to our changing priorities. We’re confident the app will play a key role in helping us to re-open safely and securing a strong and successful recovery.”

Last month, announce that it is also providing an in-app social distancing solution for Paultons Park.

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