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Eclosia Group to build Odysséo aquarium, Mauritius

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The Eclosia group will build the Indian Ocean’s largest aquarium in Caudan, Mauritius – Odysséo – on a seafront site which hosts Port Louis’ Marina.

The project will be managed jointly with Clear Reef. It will develop the flora and fauna of the Indian Ocean and create new jobs for local scientists.

Construction will begin in January 2018 at a cost of 500 million Mauritian rupees ($15 million USD). It is expected to be completed at the beginning of 2020.

The aquarium will be called Odysséo. The main structure will occupy a 5,000m² area and the whole aquarium will cover 1.5ha.

There will be around 50 tanks containing two million litres of water, and about 10,000 species of sea animals.

These include sharks, rays and groupers which will be observed from below in an 18m long tunnel.

The managing director of Eclosia,  Cédric de Speville, said that he hopes that the opportunity to see endangered species and learn about them at the aquarium will encourage an interest in conservation among visitors.

He added that the project will be also help to boost tourism in Mauritius.

The Eclosia group operates in agribusiness, hospitality, logistics, finance, education and ICT.

The group is based in Mauritius, but also operates in Madagascar, Reunion, South Africa, Seychelles and Kenya.

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