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Thousand Oaks Aquarium “is happening”

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Planet Aqua Group, the LA-based firm planning an aquarium at Janns Marketplace in Thousand Oaks, says plans are moving full steam ahead.

Jake Wood, external affairs director, told Thousand Oaks Acorn: “this is happening, and it’s going to be a very transparent process. We don’t just roll into town and blow open the doors.”

“We’re not going to be out-of-towners … We really want this to be for the Ventura County area, by the Ventura County area,” he said.

The plan will bring a 20,000 square-foot aquarium by 2018. The company plans to use local labour to build the aquarium.

“It’s not going to be like a living art gallery. It will be highly interactive,” Wood said.

If approved, the Thousand Oaks aquarium would employ 50 to 60 people – most of them locals.

The project has not yet submitted an application to the City of Thousand Oaks. Haider Alawami, Thousand Oaks economic development officer, said that would be difficult to envision a 2018 start to construction if Planet Aqua doesn’t submit its official paperwork soon.

Sandy Sigal, CEO of NewMark Merrill, said that Planet Aqua was currently in the fundraising phase – but making good progress.

She said, “there’s no point in us finalizing anything until they’re ready.”

Planet Aqua is preparing to open its first aquarium in Shreveport – set to launch on August 31.

City Hall awaiting application from aquarium developers

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