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Public call for aquarium at Port Canaveral consultations

Port Canaveral masterplan aquarium

The public response to the Port Canaveral  30 year master plan has showed calls for the port to add an aquarium to the plan. 

Port Canaveral, Florida, revealed a range of public feedback on the plans, which will be voted on in early 2018 by port commissioners.

Calls for an aquarium were made in line with a proposal offered in 2015 by Brevard Zoo.

The master plan has a number of components. It includes the construction of three new cruise terminals by 2030, a conference centre, space for new restaurants, a commercial fishing village, a new park, a “spaceport area” for the commercial space industry, a ground transportation centre, a service harbour, space for offices and maritime businesses along George King Boulevard and a new bicycle path/”linear park” connecting the port’s park areas and additional cargo area improvements.

Consultant Luis Ajamil, chief executive officer of Miami-based Bermello Ajamil & Partners, will tweak the proposals based on public feedback and present the commissioners with a new plan by the end of the month.

Ajamil said the total cost of the capital improvements contained in the master plan is $2.54 billion over 30 years, including around $700 million for maintenance projects.

Florida Today reports that Ajamil said: “The plan has been a very thoughtful design approach to decision-making that started with market studies,” and later included several rounds of public comment and meetings with port users. “We’ve had a lot of interest on all the areas that the port is involved with.”

“The plan is a vision,” Ajamil told port commissioners. “It gives you a guidance of what the opportunities are. You will execute the plan as you see fit, as it comes forward. We’re not making a decision at this point to go and build a $2.6 billion program. It begins to put order in the way that the port will be developed in the future. It’s a very manageable plan and, I think, orderly.”

Plans to transform the port into an entertainment destination have been under review since 2011.

Image: Port Canaveral

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