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Semnox Solutions provides ticketing and cashless technology for reopened Lembang Park & Zoo

Lembang Park & Zoo

Semnox Solutions, provider of technology for the entertainment and amusement industry, has helped Lembang Park and Zoo to reopen safely with ticketing and cashless solutions.

Semnox Solution is pleased to announce that Lembang Park and Zoo, a popular attraction in Bandung city, Indonesia, is now open to the public once more, powered by the company’s ticketing and cashless technologies. This is one of the largest zoos in the city and has the capacity for up to 10,000 guests.

“The Parafait System has been reliable in allowing us to manage all transactions and in generating reports for our tenants inside the premises, as well as our accounting team,” says Erwin Wijaya, Partner at Lembang Park and Zoo.

Powered by Parafait System

Operations at the zoo have been completely powered by the Parafait Amusement Park Management System since December 2019.

Guests use barcoded wristbands and are granted access by Semnox readers and turnstiles. These bands can be used for a range of activities once inside the attractions, including paying for food and drink. Thanks to the company’s integrated system, the Lembang Park and Zoo can continue to expand its offering, adding new attractions, games and membership cards.

Semnox Lembang Park and Zoo

“Lembang Park is a unique destination which offers some amazing animal experiences along with a variety of activities and even a planned arcade gaming zone,” says Ashish KS, Head – Far East Parks, Semnox.

“For us, it offers a perfect opportunity to showcase how our single solution can support all functions from ticketing solutions, integrated access control, arcades and cashless operations across the park. It is a pleasure for us to partner with Mr Erwin and the Lembang Park team to make this venue a success.”

Zoo is open once more

The attraction was closed for three months from March 2020 due to the pandemic and had to implement new health and safety regulations, as set out by the government, before it could reopen. This meant that staff needed to be trained and the system needed to be able to cope with a large number of visitors without impacting on safety.

Thanks to the solutions in place from Semnox, the zoo was able to put these new protocols in place quickly.

“Since our venue can accommodate up to 10,000 people at a time, we have plenty of space for social distancing,” says Wijaya. “However, it does get rather tricky when we hold an animal show since customers tend to crowd together. We have placed several guards across the venue to remind people to practice social distancing and we also have regular announcements via our PA system.”

“Our 24/7 support team and the integrated solutions will continue to help the park move quickly to add to their wide range of attractions and experiences even in such challenging times,” adds Ashish.

Semnox provides its solutions to the attractions industry around the world and last year announced the successful implementation of Semnox Parafait at the Autobahn Indoor Speedway, Dulles, Virginia.

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