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Serengeti Park app gives visitors animal interaction

Serengeti Interactives app at Serengeti Park

Jora Vision and Serengeti Park, Hodenhagen, will revolutionise the zoo experience with a new app that allows guests to interact with park animals. 

The app, called “Serengeti Interactives”, will allow visitors to step into the role of the animal caretakers. Using their device, visitors will be able to control several themed objects across the park. Visitors can remotely activate brushes for scrubbing, water for drinking, food for eating, sounds for hearing and salt blocks for licking.

interactives at serengeti park disguised as totem poles

Fabrizio Sepe, Director and Owner of Serengeti Park, said: “I was searching for a healthy approach towards digital innovation into the safari experience. An innovation that would give visitors the possibility to interact and get more in touch with the animals, giving them the satisfaction to do something good for their well-being. Both during a visit to the park and from the comfort of home. All, off course, with full respect for the animals and not disturbing their natural environment. The ‘Serengeti Interactives’ are a world first!”

an interactive disguised as a totem pole at serengeti park

Jora Vision was the company responsible for bringing the idea to life. Jora Vision designs and builds experiences, environments and attractions — for clients all over the world. Based in the Netherlands, the company has won 4 THEA Award winning projects.

Robin van der Want, Project Development Director at Jora Visionm said: “We do not shy away from a challenge but when Fabrizio first pitched to us his idea, we were scratching our heads. Although the general working sounds easy, the complexity is fierce. In close collaboration with the animal caretakers we first defined the dos and don’ts of the interactive functions in relation to the animal welfare.

“Through their daily work, the animal caretakers know what the animals like. We have included some of their favorite things. Secondly we have chosen the locations in the Serengeti-Safari and with that a themed design that fits into the area surrounding. Thirdly all mechanics, electronics and necessary software has been developed and written. Finally everything has been integrated together with the special designed app (Von Affenfels, Germany), bluetooth beacons and all ground works on site.

Using the app to unlock the interactives

“We are proud to have been part of this project since we believe that interactivity and immersion – designed to unlock emotional responses – are rapidly becoming essential and proven tools that engage people and ‘make them care’. This philosophy has now been added to Serengeti-Park in a unique way for visitors to enjoy!”

The first of the Serengeti Interactives are now in place. There is interactive in the East Africa section disguised as a 13 meter Baobab tree. A second interactive can be found in the North America section disguised as totem poles.

Fabrizio explains: “The Totems and Baobab are just the first interactives to be launched but we expect to introduce new interactives in the near future. Even when the Park is closed in the evening, you can take a look and interact from home or anywhere else. Through the ‘Serengeti Interactives‘ you are not only a visitor, but you will be part of the Serengeti.”

Serengeti Park is Europe’s largest safari park – with over 1500 free roaming animals.

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