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Tick Tock Unlock’s New Hyper Reality Experience in Leeds

Tick Tock Unlock VR

Tick Tock Unlock have revealed their new Hyper Reality Experience, set to open in Leeds on April 22nd to coincide with the Leeds International Festival. 

Based in the UK, the gaming company, Tick Tock Unlock, has also spoken of plans to launch more centres across the country in the future.

Former J.P Morgan Executive Ali Khan, who worked on developing the project, said in a statement that “the centre will allow players to experience a free-roaming, live action challenge which has to be physically completed but which takes place in the playground of a virtual world.”

Mr Khan also said that players will struggle to tell the difference between what is real and what isn’t, with dummy props and objects transforming into fires, lifts, fuel cells and laser guns thanks to the high-tech VR headsets.

Although the current centre is only 664 square feet, Tick Tock Unlock have said that the future centres will be a minimum of 2000 square feet, for each game. Tick Tock Unlock are aiming to open another 9 Hyper Reality Experience Centres by 2019.

Hyper Reality Experience from Hyper Reality Experience on Vimeo.

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