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Chris Lange Rulantica

Creative Studio Berlin

Chris Lange is an award-winning independent Creative Executive who has worked on all phases of attraction & theme park development globally.

Chris Lange is an award-winning Creative Executive and founder of Creative Studio Berlin. He has been part of the themed entertainment industry for over 20 years. He has held a wide range of positions that have enabled him to fully comprehend all facets of location-based themed entertainment.

Chris has had extensive experience in all phases of attraction & theme park development; from blue-sky concepts through to opening. His skills have enabled him to work within a variety of financial and schedule constraints while opening attractions on time and on budget. Chris has led international design and installation teams around the world. He proudly serves the Themed Entertainment Association as a member of the board of directors in the EME division.


Most recently, Chris Lange was the Creative Director for the new Masha and the Bear expansion at The Land of Legends in Antalya, Turkey. Even during the worldwide pandemic, Chris found new ways to creatively led an international team to bring this entire land to life from concept to opening in just ten months. Before that, he oversaw the creative direction of the new DreamWood Theme Park in Yalta, Russia.

As former Creative Executive at Europa-Park, Chris was responsible for all new stories, designs and implementation of over 30 projects including the highly themed “Rulantica” water park and “Kronasar” hotel.

He introduced a new era of storytelling and show quality at Europa-Park. After the Pirates in Batavia boat ride burned down in 2018, Chris and his team created a unique storyline, new characters and immersive design elements that still paid tribute to the beloved original attraction.

Before working for Europe’s second-largest resort, Chris worked internationally on projects like 20th Century Fox World Malaysia, Adlab´s Imagica Mumbai, LEGOLAND California and midway brands such as SEA-LIFE aquariums, the Dungeons or LEGOLAND Discovery Center with many openings around the globe.

Currently, he works as a Creative Consultant on various Local Based Entertainment and Resort Development projects. He is acting in the role of Creative Owners Rep for several international brands and clients. Chris is proud of creating many unique and exciting visitor experiences for audiences of all ages around the world.


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