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Endurescreens planetarium projection


Endurescreens supplies first class quality screen display concepts for themed entertainment, planetariums, attractions and more.

Endurescreens supplies first class quality screen display concepts that impress by their optical performance, their structural integrity and their flexibility in use.

By applying efficient processes in the supply chain, we ensure a competitive advantage for our customers by offering extremely competitive prices as well as shorter production times.

Endurescreens designs, manufactures and installs screens for various applications – ranging from theatres to planetariums. They are flexible in shape and size and made with perforated aluminium panels or GRP. The painting process developed in the factory ensures perfect colour uniformity across the entire screen.

Endurescreens designs your screen and ensures that any installation meets the highest technical and aesthetic standards, allowing for both – highest quality short production time and effective pricing.

Design from Europe- Highest quality manufacturing from China

Endurescreens Kft. was founded in 2017 to supply, install and service the needs of its international customers for dome and complex shape projection screens. Its parent company NJ Endure was founded in 2002 in Nanjing Xuanwu District in China, where a number of generations of high performance screens have been developed over the years through extensive research and development for its manufacturing process. NJ Endure screens are in use across the world, in planetariums, exhibitions, museums and theme parks as well as in industrial and design applications. Endurescreens specialises in high-quality screens that are custom-designed to any shape or size, built to offer superb colour rendition and viewing angles. The manufacture of the panels and the installation is optimised to give near perfect seams when images are projected and years of service.

The team behind Endurescreens has many years of experience in all aspects of visualisation and large immersive environments, including themed entertainment rides, museums & expos, dome theatres & planetariums, CAVEs and much more.


Pro+, the perforated aluminum screen series by Endurescreens – provides the most advanced seem matching technology available today. Pro+ is the only high-quality solution for creating continuous images for various applications ranging from dome theatres, planetariums as well as for architectural installations – anywhere a uniform surface is needed that can be creatively lit and is used for projection. Additionally, Pro+ provides acoustic transparency.

Mom Park Irodaház, Alkotás u. 53. , A torony 6. emelet, 1123-Budapest, Hungary
+36 1 808 9456

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Alkotás u. 53. , A torony 6. emelet, 1123-Budapest, Hungary

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