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The Enigma Group

The Enigma Group is a global Agency, Consultancy, and IP Solutions company in the LBE Sector...

The Enigma Group is a global Agency, Consultancy, and IP Solutions company…

About us

We’ve taken the Hollywood Talent Agency model and applied it to the global Location Based Entertainment vertical market. We offer the equivalent services, custom-tailored to project developers, operators and IP owners throughout the world with an emphasis on the entertainment, retail, sports, leisure, hospitality and gaming sectors.


As an Agency, we represent some of the most accomplished individuals and companies from a broad spectrum of creative and technical disciplines. Our curated portfolio of agency clients includes the best talent available ranging from architects to zoologists and anyone in between that could possibly be required on a project, no matter the concept, size or location.


As a Consultancy, we provide consulting services to some of the most successful developers, operators and IP owners around the world. For these clients, consulting usually consists of very early project programming, detecting potential “project landmines” and identifying specialty resources required to properly execute the project. Ultimately, we assist clients to conceive, plan and realize more ambitious and imaginative projects while mitigating potential risks.


Enigma provides the only comprehensive and complete set of end-to-end IP Solutions in the industry. Nolan Heimann LLP, an entertainment law firm based in Los Angeles, is a key strategic partner. We work with both Licensors looking to expand into new markets and also potential Licensees seeking rights to a particular IP. We also work with both groups to develop unique IP-based LBE concepts for placement in new and existing projects.


The Enigma Group has offices in Austin, Shanghai, and Dubai that serve as support hubs for North America, Asia, and The Middle East. We are planning to open an office in Mumbai in 2019.

With experience in many different countries, The Enigma Group has the capacity and the people to make a world of difference for our clients at home and abroad.

USA: 106 East Sixth Street, Suite 900, Austin, TX 78701
+1 512 551 9517


  • The Engima Group

    The Engima Group

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106 East 6th Street, Austin, TX 78701, USA

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