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Team Park Project

Team Park Project are designers, developers and managers of profitable attractions.

Team Park Project (TPP) design, develops and manages amusement parks around the world. By paying attention to the local culture and clients needs, the company’s parks don’t only look nice, they are designed to make profit. Their projects are across the globe from Coney Island in New York, to the People’s Pleasure Ground in North Korea.

TPP’s projects stand out for its vertical professionals and its commitment to “profitability by design”.

The company’s framework combines excellent design solutions, with verified mathematical models to determine successful profitable parks.

Team Park Project Framework states that a park must:

  • Satisfy a clear target and have its own identity;
  • Be proportional to the expected number of visitors;
  • Have a concept that draws and fascinates the target visitors;
  • Have a functional and appealing design;
  • Plan costs, profit, and investments carefully;
  • Have a dynamic management with an in-depth knowledge of the logics that move the amusement market.

Team Park Project, can competently each aspect of the park design- a one stop one shop for clients who don’t want to discuss at too many tables.

The team work on new attractions and projects as well as improving existing ones.

Team Park Project s.r.l.
Via Meucci, 30
36040 – Brendola (VI) Italia
+39 0444 164715
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Team Park Project company information


Team Park Project s.r.l. Via Meucci, 30 36040 – Brendola (VI) Italia


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