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Barco webinar explores immersive experiences and museum technology

Barco Culturespaces Van Gogh projection on the walls

Barco, the technology company focusing on innovative visualization solutions, hosted a successful webinar on the use of technology in immersive visitor attractions.

Barco is pleased to announce that over 500 people attended its webinar on immersive experiences and museum technology last month. It featured Augustin de Cointet de Fillain from Culturespaces, Yannick Kohn from Modulo Pi and Leander Werbrouck from Barco, exploring the trend for immersive experiences and how technology is used to create them.

Trends in museums

The session looked at some of the key trends in museums, as they adapt to a world that is driven by the need for experiences and entertainment. For example, the use of technology, such as innovative AV solutions, to provide immersive stories and allow visitors more opportunities for interaction.

Another popular trend is to utilise the surrounding architecture and make it a part of the experience, for instance transforming venues into hybrid spaces. In addition to this, social media is another key trend in the museum world, with the development of more instagrammable and sharable experiences. Barco looks at these topics in more detail in a recent eBook.

Rediscovering art with Culturespaces

Culturespaces’s digital art centres in France, such as Atelier des Lumières in Paris, show how using the above trends can lead to great success. These use monumental and historical sites to create a unique and immersive experience. For example, its newest site, Bassins de Lumières, is located in a former submarine base.

The venue uses 90 projectors, 55 speakers and 25 media servers to create a truly immersive and sensorial experience. This concept uses AV technology to bring art to life and allow the public to explore works of art as never before. Bassins de Lumières was due to open in April 2020 but this has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.


The webinar also looked at how this technology can be scaled to create unique and immersive exhibitions for smaller museums and galleries. AV installations can enhance the traditional museum visit and the portfolios of both the Modulo PI media servers and Barco projectors are scalable from simple to complex.

The full webinar is available to watch here.

Earlier this year, Barco announced that its UDX projectors were used for the spectacular light and sound show that lit up the Arc de Triomphe in Paris to welcome in the New Year.

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