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BTS curates personal Street Galleries in collaboration with Google

Band members choose artwork and locations that hold special meanings for them

BTS Google Street Galleries

The new BTS x Street Galleries Street View experiment, hosted on Google’s Arts & Culture platform, features iconic locations from around the world. Curated by the band’s members and created to celebrate the 9th birthday of the supergroup’s ARMY fanbase, it takes viewers all over the globe for a virtual art tour, from New York to Seoul.

This collaboration with the Google Arts & Culture Lab is a cultural tour where each member of BTS has curated their own Street Gallery. Each location includes artworks that fit with the band member’s personal stories, in addition to pieces that chime with BTS’ message of hope, love and acceptance.

BTS street gallery Singapore

Fans can get involved too, by creating their own Street Gallery. Users can mix artworks from Google Arts & Culture with photos of BTS, creating their own personal reflections and reliving favourite memories.

Personal art choices

Jung Kook chose to locate his Street Gallery at the Chunggu Building, Seoul, which he describes as feeling like a “second home” to the band, since their debut in 2013. He says he that has chosen pieces that remind him of his journey as an artist, adding: “Over the years, my creativity has found different ways to express itself and reach the audience–I guess you can call me a modern Renaissance man.”

Meanwhile, Jimin‘s Street Gallery is in Singapore. He says: “I remember our “Love Yourself” concert in Singapore like it was just yesterday. Speaking of loving oneself, I have been on a journey of self-love and acceptance in the past few years.” He chose artworks that remind him of this journey.

Curating his London Street Gallery, V says: “I love taking photos of the moody and picturesque streets of London, but also the natural world, too – my camera allows me to discover places in all of their depth and beauty.” His chosen pieces echo this passion for discovery through art.

BTS Street Gallery New York UN

Across the Atlantic, J-Hope from BTS chose to host his Street Gallery at the United Nations in New York, where the band have previously spoken at the UN General Assembly. He says: “I’ve been amazed at the young generation’s strength and hopefulness as they look to build a better world,” and has selected artwork that reflects this sense of optimism.

Around the world with BTS

Band member Suga‘s Street Gallery is at the Dolby Theatre in LA. He says this location is important as it is where BTS’ dream of international recognition began, adding: “As someone who is defined by my dreams, art, just like music, is very close to me. It’s through art and music that I remind myself that anything is possible when we allow ourselves to dream.”

Next, Jin‘s Street Gallery is located in Sāo Paulo, which he says is one of the band’s favourite cities. He says: “I’ve found that art, just like music, can be a great healer. That’s something very close to my heart – so I’ve chosen artworks with this in mind.”

BTS Street Gallery Seoul

Finally, RM has chosen to curate his Street Gallery in Namdaemun, Seoul, where BTS kicked off a global concert in 2021. Talking about the artworks he chose, RM adds: “[Namdaemun] is also a treasured historical monument of Korea. That’s what art feels like to me: timeless.”

RM has also been put forward for the blooloop 50 Museum Influencer List 2022, which celebrates the work and influence of notable individuals within the sector. Thanks to the #BTSARMY, the musician has had more than 1,500 nominations.

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