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Continuum Attractions records significant attendance increase

York's chocolate story at continuum attractions

UK attractions experts, Continuum Attractions, have attributed a significant increase in visitor numbers to their story-telling prowess.

The company is known for the presentation of well told stories in fascinating locations. They have worked with over 100 visitor attractions across the world. They currently operate 9 attractions in the UK in Edinburgh, Leeds, Oxford, Canterbury, Gwynedd, Cardiff, Portsmouth and York.

The Jorvik Viking Centre, in York, was innovative when it opened in 1984. It immersed visitors into ‘History as a Story’, allowing guests to touch and smell things. Visitors could experience the history rather than just viewing it behind glass cases.

Continuum Attractions’ research suggests that it is visitor’s desire for a good story that has caused the attendance hike.

Each of the company’s attractions tells a unique neighbourhood story. From the streets frozen in time beneath Edinburgh’s Royal Mile to the famous tales of Chaucer.

Group Head of Sales and Marketing, Julie Ozbek, said: “Our visitors love the stories that we tell and the interactive way that we deliver them. Our own research confirms that experiences that highlight history and nostalgia are now more in demand than ever.”

“We know that more people are staying in the UK for their leisure time now as well as overseas visitors coming into the country.”

Citing additional factors for the increase in attendance, she explained: “Recent concerns over the safety of the city of London may also have contributed to visitors considering other key tourism destinations within the UK. Cities like York and Edinburgh appear to be becoming more popular as destinations. Because these cities have been a less obvious choice, particularly to international travellers in the past, visitors are more interested to learn about the broader UK heritage and the unique stories of the places that they are experiencing.”

York’s Chocolate Story has seen a 12% increase in visitors from 2016 while Oxford Castle Unlocked is 13% up on the previous year.

Continuum Attractions looks forward to the future, further developing a portfolio built up over three decades.

Images Courtesy of Continuum Attractions.

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Michael Mander

Michael Mander

I am a journalist from Essex, England. I enjoy travelling, and love exploring attractions around the world. I graduated from Lancaster University in 2018. Twitter @michael_mander.

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