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The Dungeons launch range of scents with AromaPrime

AromaPrime dungeons

The Dungeons have joined forces with themed scent company AromaPrime to launch a range of smells for visitors missing the Blackpool Tower Dungeon, Edinburgh Dungeon and York Dungeon during COVID-19.

As the Dungeons are currently closed in response to the coronavirus outbreak, AromaPrime has created the range as part of its Theme Park Fan Collection.

The Dungeons feature horrifying historical sets and sounds, but their unforgettable aromas are all produced by AromaPrime.

AromaPrime also creates scents for Merlin Entertainments‘ Thorpe Park, Alton Towers, Madame Tussauds and SEA LIFE.

The Dungeons’ scents are all created by AromaPrime

The new smells are all inspired by sites at the Dungeons – including ‘The Torture Chamber’, ‘The Courtroom’, and ‘Castle Ghosts’.

‘The Courtroom’ is released in collaboration with the Dungeons in Edinburgh, York and Blackpool. It comes from the famous courtroom scene, and has ‘the rich air of the judge’s whisky’.

‘The Torture Chamber’ is inspired by the ‘unnerving, damp, underground atmosphere’ of the torture chamber, a popular show at the Dungeons.

‘Witch Trial’ is a fantastical musk with hints of ‘burning wood and pure dread’, while ‘Dick Turpin’ from the York Dungeon offers an aroma of forest undergrowth and mud.

New aromas inspired by sites at the Dungeons

the dungeons aromaprime

‘Castle Ghosts’ from Edinburgh Dungeon is ‘the dusty, woody aroma of the castle where Mary Queen of Scots is imprisoned’.

Finally, ‘Galloway Boat Ride’, also from Edinburgh Dungeon, is a water scent with notes of sea salt, grimy rocks and bones.

Kathryn Angel, general manager at the Edinburgh Dungeon, said: “We are really pleased to be working in partnership with AromaPrime, whose atmospheric scents we have used for many years.

“It’s great we are now able to transform the Dungeon experience and bring it into people’s homes for fun, escapism or even to aid learning.”

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