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Exhibits Development Group teams up with world renowned palaeontologist

Spinosaurus touring exhibit by exhibits development group

Exhibits Development Group, a global leader in travelling exhibitions, is collaborating with renowned palaeontologist Dr Paul Sereno to tour two new dinosaur exhibitions.

Exhibits Development Group (EDG) is pleased to announce that it has been selected by the Paul Sereno Fossil Lab at the University of Chicago in order to assist in touring its highly sought after exhibitions. These are Spinosaurus: Lost Giant of the Cretaceous and Giants: African Dinosaurs. 

Dr Paul Sereno is a National Geographic Explorer and a Professor at the University of Chicago. His travels have taken him all around the world, from discovering the earliest dinosaurs in the Andes to expeditions in the Sahara desert, India and Tibet. He discovered a host of crocodiles and dinosaurs in Africa, including  the 50-foot long Spinosaurus and 40-foot long SuperCroc.

Dr Sereno’s latest discovery is a human graveyard in the Sahara which predates the pyramids.

Spinosaurus: Lost Giant of the Cretaceous

This exhibition looks at the largest predatory dinosaur ever discovered. Visitors can learn about the different digs sites where this has been found, from the first recorded specimen in Egypt, discovered a century ago, through to its destruction during World War II, and its rediscovery in Morocco.

It includes real fossils alongside interactive displays and film footage from the dig sites. Visitors will discover the science and the story behind this remarkable dinosaur. The exhibition measures 5,000 square feet and has a minimum ceiling height of 15 feet.

Exhibition highlights include:

  • Swimming Spinosaurus skeleton measuring 50 feet
  • Scene settings from Germany, Morocco, and Egypt
  • Original fossils of this rare species
  • The meat-eating menagerie of unusual predatory dinosaurs
  • 3D wizardry creating a digitally-sculpted skull
  • National Geographic footage of discovery & animation

Giants: African Dinosaurs

This exhibition brings African dinosaurs to life by showcasing original fossils from the Sahara, allowing visitors to witness their croc-like skulls, used for snaring fish, and their cow-like muzzles, for cropping plants. It includes both flesh models and mounted skeletons, as well as a show-stopping skeleton that can be used to advertise at a mall or airport.

African Dinosaurs EDG

Visitors can touch real fossils as they learn about how Dr Serano made these fascinating discoveries. Giants: African Dinosaurs measures 5,000 square feet. The rearing Jobaria skeleton for display at an airport or mall requires 250 square feet of space.

Exhibition highlights include:

  • Amazing original fossils
  • 6 African dinosaurs mounted
  • Monster Carcharodontosaurus skull
  • Africa’s flying reptile
  • Touchable fossils & casts
  • National Geographic footage
  • Adult Jobaria rearing

The company currently has several engaging and educational exhibits available to book for 2020 and ahead, including The Lost World of Dragons and Expedition: Dinosaur.

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