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Gateway Ticketing Systems unveils Made-to-Measure Excitement thought leadership initiative

Gateway Made-to-Measure Excitement

Gateway Ticketing Systems, a leading provider of admission control systems, has launched an innovative new approach to making every guest count in a post-COVID world.

Gateway Ticketing Systems has announced the launch of its new Made-to-Measure Excitement thought leadership initiative, an operational approach and technology solution that will enable attractions to provide an individual experience for each visitor. This will keep guests engaged, provide an improved experience and therefore encourage them to spend more.

“In today’s attractions space, heavily impacted by COVID-19, every single guest counts,” says Peter Wolf, Director of Sales and Marketing at Gateway Ticketing Systems. “With guest’s reluctance to visit busy venues, and limited capacity requirements or best practices, volume is not a viable strategy.

“Venues need to increase their per-caps, or maximize the revenue and profit they generate from each individual guest. More importantly, they need to adopt a full guest experience technology solution that facilitates this strategy.”

Personalised experiences

Made-to-Measure Excitement GatewayMade-to-Measure Excitement combines existing attractions technology with cutting-edge solutions to create a model for how operators can increase per-caps by providing personalised experiences for every guest.

“It’s the next generation of the ‘Guest Experience’ or the ‘360-Degree View of the Guest’; concepts we’ve been using in our industry for the last decade,” says Wolf.

Gateway’s new initiative aims to keep guests engaged and excited throughout the course of their consumer lifetime, as well as spending more money at an attraction, because they are enjoying a Made-to-Measure experience.

The system ensures that every operational touchpoint is crafted and delivered by a technology solution and committed staff that will collect and measure visitors’ behavioural and transactional data. This data is then used to interpret and predict that guest’s future behaviour, allowing operators to provide a tailored, made-to-measure experience the next time they visit.

“We’ve been dealt an incredibly challenging hand during the pandemic. But we’ve also been handed an incredible opportunity,” says Wolf. “Traditional ways of delivering an exceptional guest experience are no longer adequate because they don’t generate the revenue attractions needs to survive. Made-to-Measure Excitement is the answer to our challenge and the nucleus of our opportunity.”

The company has a whitepaper on Made-to-Measure Excitement available to download here. It will also be providing more information in a series of webinars and blog posts.

Gateway was also recently honoured with an Industry Leader Golden Ticket Award by Amusement Today, in recognition of the Webinar Wednesdays series.

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