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Getty launches YouTube series for ‘art curious’ audiences

The Getty has launched a YouTube series called ‘Becoming Artsy’, available to stream weekly.

getty becoming artsy youtube

The Getty has launched a YouTube series called ‘Becoming Artsy’, available to stream weekly and hosted by the museum’s senior creative producer Jessie Hendricks.

‘Becoming Artsy’ was designed by the institution to attract ‘art curious’ audiences. The first episode, ‘Connected’, is available to stream on both YouTube and the Getty website.

“Art is this incredible and massive thing with the subtle power to completely transform the way we see the world,” Hendricks said. “I’m so excited I get to share that with people. Plus, I get to play dress up!”

The first season is filmed at the Getty Center and Getty Villa in LA, where Hendricks takes viewers on a journey through the museums’ collections, laboratories and gardens.

‘Becoming Artsy’ available to stream

‘Becoming Artsy’ also features interviews with Getty professionals, with Hendricks asking hard-hitting questions such as, “What do museums do?” and, “How do I experience art?”.

“Jessie embodies a humorous, warm presence that makes the art world feel more inclusive, rather than intended for a certain type of person,” said Christopher Sprinkle, lead creative producer at the Getty.

“With her as the host, we’re not dependent solely on a learned expert’s voice telling us about art. This approach enables people of all ages and backgrounds to identify with her as she asks questions and explores different topics.”

Hendricks earned a Master of Science in Science Writing from MIT. Before studying at MIT, she graduated from Hampshire College with a BA in Natural Sciences.

Jessie Hendricks hosts new series

getty becoming artsy youtube

She has worked for various institutions, including the Pacific Science Center in Seattle and the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.

“Becoming Artsy was created to offer educational and engaging content in a fresh format, which we hope will introduce many new audiences to art and history,” said Lisa Lapin, the Getty’s vice president of communications.

Lapin said she hopes the series “sparks a newfound curiosity about visiting museums and experiencing art”.

The Getty’s digital offerings include online exhibits and museum tours on Google Arts & Culture, which also houses 71,208 items from the Getty’s collection

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