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Vennersys supplies systems for Great British Car Journey

New ticketing and EPoS solutions help fuel the British automotive museum

Image of classic MG Automobile in British Racing Green from Great British Car Journey

Vennersys, the integrated ticketing, retail and visitor management company, was chosen to provide a ticketing and EPoS solution to Great British Car Journey in Derwent Valley, Derbyshire.

Back to the classics

Unique in the British car museum space, the Great British Car Journey sends visitors on a nostalgic road trip. The museum tells the socioeconomic story of the boom of British motor manufacturing beginning from the 1920s.

The museum showcases models, including the Mini, that once were commonplace but today have all but disappeared. Visitors come to see over 150 classic cars and enjoy interactive tours.

“This is the story of a British industry which in its heyday was a worldwide force and its products could be found in all corners of the globe,” reads the museum’s site. “Its heroes are the popular cars from a bygone era when for half a century, British cars did literally ‘rule the road.’”

Timed ticketing

In anticipation of when summer arrives, and COVID-19-related restrictions loosen further, event bookings have risen exponentially in the UK. Indoor venues reopened mid-May, with a plan for additional easing in coming months.          

To prepare, the Great British Car Journey needed a timed-ticketing system that would comply with all COVID-19 guidelines. In addition, the museum wanted the ability to process ticket sales for any event or experience from their EPoS.

Because monitoring and adapting to visitor flow was critical, the museum chose VenposCloud from Vennersys. The company designed VenposCloud to speedily process admissions, groups, memberships, retail and catering transactions. The system also collects the requisite visitor attraction data for the NHS Test and Trace App.

“The Great British Car Journey wanted an integrated system which facilitated timed ticketing and allowed customers to pre-book timed slots on their website,” says Nick Symeou, Business Development Manager. “The sale of tickets can be switched on or off EPoS and online adapting with the business needs. I believe our reporting module will help the venue to become more efficient and profitable.”

The Russell Coates Art Gallery and Museum attraction also recently employed an all-in-one VenposCloud system from Vennersys

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