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Imagine Leisure acquires new leisure projects for Drenthe

Imagine Leisure Drenthe

Imagine Leisure, a leading leisure consultant and developer, is working with the province of Drenthe in the Netherlands to acquire new attractions.

Imagine Leisure is pleased to announce that it has been asked by the province of Drenthe in the Netherlands to assist with its mission to become the country’s top leisure destination. The Province has been working on adding new attractions and leisure venues since 2019 and has hired Imagine Leisure to help achieve its goal.

The company began by creating a strategic plan and is now assisting in the acquisition of new leisure facilities.

New plan for Drenthe

The strategic plan set out by Imagine Leisures highlights the main themes, target groups and boundaries for developing these new leisure facilities. It has now been approved by the Province.

This includes a plan to strengthen the offer for existing target groups, such as families with children and the elderly. This demographic tends to visit the area frequently and stay for an average of five days, during which time they are searching for fun things to do. Currently, there is enough market space to add leisure activities that will appeal to this group of visitors.

In addition to this, the plan also includes a strategic choice to focus on attractions that are in keeping with the character for the region, which is known for its authentic character.

Acquiring leisure facilities

Now, work has begun to acquire new attractions that fit with these goals. Imagine Leisure has contacted several leisure operators and concepts to find out if there is potential for them to open a new location in Drenthe. Leisure operators and investors that would like to know more about the possibilities in this unique province can learn more here.

During this process, much consideration is given to finding the right location and ensuring a good spread of attractions across the province. Furthermore, when possible these new leisure facilities will be combined with existing operations, for instance working with current operators of attractions, holiday parks and caravan sites.

Imagine Leisure is also conducting feasibility studies for two international concepts, as well as a new concept themed around care, wellness, relaxation and nature. This allows Drenthe to focus on the long term, ensuring it has a strong position in the tourist market for years to come.

Earlier this year, the company announced that it is developing a concept book for the city hall in Gouda.

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