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Imagine Leisure appointed to attract more visitors to Drenthe

drenthe imagine leisure

Imagine Leisure, a leading leisure consultant, has been chosen to attract more visitors to the region of Drenthe in the Netherlands.

Imagine Leisure is pleased to announce that it has a new assignment, to help the region of Drenthe in the Netherlands achieve its ambition of attracting more visitors. The province is aiming to acquire new visitor attractions, as well as strengthening its existing facilities.

Imagine Leisure will be creating an in-depth plan for Drenthe. This involves researching the area to get a clear view of the existing situation, as well as finding out the ambitions and goals of stakeholders in the province. To obtain this, the company will be conducting data analysis, market research and stakeholder interviews.

A strategic plan

Once the research phase is completed, Imagine Leisure will begin creating a strategic plan, including targets, quick-wins and long term goals. The plan will set out which steps are needed for the province and its stakeholders to achieve their goals. The company will then assist with putting the plan in action, reaching out to potential operators and guiding the process of acquisition and development.

Drenthe Imagine Leisure

A closer look at Drenthe’s DNA 

This is a culturally and historically important province with many ancient locations. For example, the hunebeds, a collection of prehistoric tombstones which are the oldest monuments in the country. These were built using stones transported to the area during the Ice Age. 

The area is also home to the Westerbork site, which was a refugee camp in the 1930s. This location tells the important story and honours the memory of over 100,000 refugees, transported from here to concentrations camps during World War II.

Imagine Leisure recently completed another project in the Netherlands, where it was tasked with developing a concept to attract visitors all year round to TT World.

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