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It-Attractions launches with award-winning Dig It! IP

It-Attractions Dig It!

It-Attractions, a new leisure concept delivering award-winning edutainment and visitor attractions, has now launched under the leadership of Tim North and Mark Pyrah.

It-Attractions is an attraction and edutainment specialist, formed by Tim North, ex-head of Products at Paragon Creative and Mark Pyrah of Cod Steaks. The pair created an attractions product named Dig It! while working together at Paragon, and It-Attractions has now acquired the design rights and IP.

Dig It! is a play space designed to resemble a realistic construction site. Aimed at 3-10-year-olds, it teaches them to work together, building, creating and digging. This fun edutainment concept explores construction, gears, levers and bridges.

A unique new company

“We are hugely excited about the future of our turnkey products,” says North. “With the combined knowledge our team has as operators and designing & building attractions, we have created a truly innovative concept that has now been tried and tested by some of the industry’s leading operators.

“This is a unique company offering interactive, educational, branded, thematic and experiential play projects through sales, franchise, partnership and own and operate solutions.”

It-Attractions Dig It

It-Attractions works in four ways and will explore the individual merits of each opportunity or region:

Partner it

For this method, It-Attractions will focus on global locations where it will own and operate its own sites, taking a partnership and investment approach with developers and landowners. Typical sites will include community malls and spaces, where the company can offer increased dwell time and revenue. It-Attractions is looking for sites and partners and will provide retailer support with a strong return on investment.

Franchise it

The company also offers to design, build, supply and support attractions. It will offer city and country exclusivity and be committed to the success of the operation, for a fee and a % of revenue.

Buy it

For this option, It-Attraction will keep ownership of the brand, and operators will be asked to follow strict brand guidelines. The company will design, build, supply and support attractions, and allow clients to perform some manufacturing.

Finance it

It-Attractions has pre-arranged finance deals with many top lenders.

The company is currently building two Dig It! locations in the UK and Ireland. These exciting partnerships in premium locations will be announced shortly.

It-Attractions Dig It

Dig It! is an award-winning product that opened in two locations last year, where it has already been delighting audiences with its innovative design. One is in Dubai under Emaar Entertainment and the other is in Rostov in Russia under a local operator.

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