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Exploding sporrans: Museums share #SassiestObject in #CuratorBattle

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Museum hashtag battles are becoming quite the trend on social media during the global coronavirus pandemic. Following the success of #CreepiestObject, this weekend curators have been sharing their #SassiestObject.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, when museums across the world were forced to close their doors, the museum community has been taking to social media to engage with and entertain visitors digitally.

First, we saw #MuseumAtHome, where museums are sharing interesting facts, funny snippets and educational programmes. Then, the #CreepiestObject went viral on Twitter, with a whole host of downright scary museum items on show. Now, the museum community has been using a new hashtag #SassiestObject, to give another humourous insight into their collections.


The #CuratorBattle was again kicked off by Yorkshire Museum in the UK who shared a bust of Emperor Constantine The Great, famed for both reuniting the Roman empire and naming a city after himself.

A whole lot of sass followed as museums of all kinds took up the challenge. Twitter was treated to everything from confident goddesses and aristocrats with impressive wigs and ruffles, to sassy hippos and peacocks with attitude.

One of our favourites is a fish from National Museums Scotland’s Natural Sciences dept, which is giving a serious amount of sassy side-eye.

Mother Shipton’s shared some petrified knickers and Historic Royal Palaces offered Queen Victoria’s blue silk boots.

One of the more dangerous submissions was an exploding sporran, again from National Museums Scotland, complete with hidden pistols.

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Charlotte Coates

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