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Palace Museum, Beijing, begins expansion

Palace Museum expansion plans

The Palace Museum, Beijing, has launched an expansion project to enhance the museum’s capacity- the North Museum Project.

The Palace Museum has selected a 62 hectares site in the Haidian District in northwest Beijing for the construction of the North Museum.

The museum will include exhibition halls, cultural heritage conservation workshops, warehouses and other facilities. The expansion will allow more space for the display of exhibits from the Forbidden City museum.

Palacce Museum Beijing North Museum expansion

“Safe Museum, Secure Palace” (Ping’an Gugong)

The development is part of the Palace Museum’s general plan for renovation known as “Safe Museum, Secure Palace” (Ping’an Gugong). It includes the construction of a new underground warehouse to protect relics in a controlled environment. It will feature custom humidity and temperature settings.

The programme is set to complete in the year 2020, when the Museum will celebrate the 600th anniversary of the construction of the Forbidden City.

Shan Jixiang, curator of the museum, said that the expansion was important for the conservation and protection of cultural heritage. The North Museum would also be involved in the Digital Palace Museum initiatives.

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