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Shanghai releases five-year cultural development plan

Shanghai has released its 14th five-year cultural development plan, revealing more about the city’s upcoming museums and cultural venues.

shanghai astronomy museum

Shanghai has released its 14th five-year plan for the development of its cultural sectors (2021-2025), with ambitions to become an international cultural metropolis by the end of 2025, Shine reports.

The city’s new cultural venues, including the Shanghai Grand Opera House, Museum of Art Pudong (MAP), and branches of the Shanghai Museum and Shanghai Library, will debut before 2025.

Fang Shizhong, director of the Shanghai Administration of Culture and Tourism, said Shanghai has around 250 museums and galleries. Approximately 2,000 annual exhibitions attract more than 20 million guests.

“Shanghai welcomes curators with original and innovative ideas,” Fang said. “The city is planning an ‘art season’ in the future when the many art venues can share their resources and attract international cooperation.”

Shanghai museums opening by 2025

Shanghai Library East Branch Pudong

“We will also encourage the application of VR and AR technology to improve the experience of visitors to the historical structures, which can also help in protecting the old buildings,” he added.

Shanghai also plans to build more public spaces and parks, and has been working to become one of Asia’s top cities for performing arts. The city aims to stage approximately 50,000 performances by 2025.

According to Liu Haiying, director of the publicity department’s cultural reform and development office, Shanghai plans to produce a handful of original films or TV shows each year.

“We encourage more creations on historical, realistic and patriotic themes, as well as works emphasizing the characteristics of our era and regional culture,” said Liu.

The Shanghai Astronomy Museum, a branch of the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, recently opened to the public. It is the world’s largest planetarium, and part of Shanghai’s cultural development plan.

“We want people to understand the special nature of the Earth as a place that hosts life, unlike any other place that we know of in the universe,” said lead designer and partner Thomas J Wong (via CNN).

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