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The Crypt: NFT art museum for the digital age opens online

The Crypt, an NFT art museum for the digital age, has launched online as the first virtual visitor attraction on the Virtually World platform.

the crypt virtual nft art museum

The Crypt, an NFT art museum, will be the first virtual visitor attraction on a platform called Virtually World, created by Virtually Holdings Ltd. Virtually World will expand to include a shopping mall, sports village and gaming centre.

Co-founded by Jonathan Sands, Alex Suchet and Rick Senat, The Crypt will collect, curate and showcase collectables across art, literature, music, photography, sculpture and digital media.

NFTs are digital assets that represent real-world objects, such as photos, videos and digital art. Many artworks on The Crypt are available for immediate purchase or live auction.

“We are responding to a fast-changing world where creatives are back in the driving seat, and one in which there are no boundaries,” said Sands.

Virtually World visitor attractions

the crypt virtual nft art museum

Sands said The Crypt offers artists “greater control by providing dedicated exhibitions and environments on any scale and with an NFT capability, so it can act as a home and creative hub for harnessing innovation and vision”.

Guggenheim Partners co-founder Todd Morley recently announced plans to create the world’s largest museum dedicated to NFTs in New York.

Metapurse, an NFT fund started by Metakovan, also plans to build a virtual museum to display Beeple’s digital work of art, ‘Everydays: The First 5,000 Days’.

The Crypt is a virtual museum that features an atrium, spiral staircase and skylight. Works of art and exhibitions are available to view for free, and visitors can walk around the virtual space from wherever they are.

The Crypt has NFT capability

the crypt virtual nft art museum

“At the same time, what we’ve created is a beautiful virtual world in which visitors can explore and appreciate the work, and even interact with one another,” Sands added.

The virtual attraction is accessible on browser and mobile, and is coming soon to VR headsets. Group visits are enabled via private invitation links, with voice chat available.

The Crypt will host six exhibitions at launch – FLASHBACK, Alternate Dimensions, The Making of Heroes, Unseen Histories, Hollywood Greats and One Giant Leap.

The Museum of Wild and Newfangled Art (mowna) opened earlier this year as an online art platform. It is now designing an artificial intelligence (AI) curator for an exhibit titled ‘This Show is Curated by a Machine’.

Images: The Crypt

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