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Universcience presents Special Effects! exhibition

Visitors can learn more about how special effects are created for film and TV

Universcience special effects exhibition
Special effects exhibition poster Quebec

Universcience, an organisation that works to make science accessible to all, has announced that an adaptation of its Special Effects! exhibition is now open at Musée de la civilisation in Quebec City, Canada.  

The exhibition, originally designed by the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie in co-production with the Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée, opened on 18 February and will run until 25 April 2021, presented by Netflix Canada.

A look behind the scenes

Visitors to the exhibition will discover more about some well-known Canadian and Quebec talents in special effects as they explore what happens behind the scenes in the world of film & TV.

Special effects are everywhere, from sci-fi shows and blockbuster action movies to romantic comedies. This exhibition looks at the different techniques used to create special effects, and how these have evolved with technology. It is divided into three spaces: the office, the set and the studio, following the main stages of the creation of a film or TV show and showing their collaborative spirit as they work to bring together one cohesive result.

During their visit, guests can take part in six interactive experiences to create a trailer, while adhering to health and safety regulations.

The role of office, the set and the studio

Staring in the office, visitors learn about the pre-production phase, including scriptwriting, setting up shoots and choosing which special effects are needed. The exhibition also highlights the talent of Quebecois and their role in the special effects industry.

special effects exhibition quebec universcience
Image courtesy of Musée de la civilisation, by Marie-Josée Marcotte

Then, visitors take a look at the set, where they can test out some different types of filming equipment and experience the very first special effects invented by exploring the stop-motion camera. This space includes objects from one of the largest film collections in North America, the Lemai collection at Université Laval, including a zoetrope, a fantascope and a magic lantern.

The set - special effects exhibition quebec universcience
Image courtesy of Musée de la civilisation, by Marie-Josée Marcotte

Finally, guests come to the studio, where they discover the importance of the post-production stage and the role that graphic designers, software and sound specialists play in bringing scenes to life.

Throughout the exhibition, videos show a variety of themes, including make-up, the use of prostheses, the job of the effects supervisor and the future of special effects.

The European version of this exhibition was visited by over 160,000 visitors when open at various venues in Paris, Bordeaux and Vienna.

Last year, Universcience also presented the exhibition Jeans, which will run until 22 January 2022 at the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie.

Top image courtesy of Musée de la civilisation, by Marie-Josée Marcotte

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