Futuroscope launches children’s park Futuropolis

Futuropolis, a city of the future imagined for and by children, has opened at Futuroscope. The mini city allows children to play out their grown-up dreams.

The park’s areas are set around a town centre, where children can play at being sporting heroes, drivers, gardeners, archaeologists, firefighters, and inventors.

The new amenities include Futuropolis’ own water park with an ‘Aqualympic Stadium’ – floating trampolines for walking and jumping on the water, and ‘Rescue Academy’ – a ride where children can learn to sail inflatable boats over the waves.

futropolis futuroscope

Atelier D.Joulin, Atelier Zundel Cristea

Attractions at Futuropolis

  • Rescue Academy – boating centre
  • Aqualympic Stadium – floating trampolines
  • Budding Drivers – electric car track
  • Fledgling Firefighters – fire engine-themed attraction
  • The machines of Quo – water ride
  • Mission: Eclabousse! – boat ride with water cannons
  • The Aquatic Garden – water games
  • The Inventions of Jules – flying rides

Rodolphe Bouin, Director General of Futuroscope, said: “Two thirds of Futuroscope’s visitors are families. We wanted a city, Futuropolis, designed for all ages with a purpose, sharing. Parents share activities with their children.”

Futuroscope’s investment strategy

Earlier this year, Futuroscope revealed plans to up its investment strategy with major attractions in the pipeline.

An arena-type multiplex with 6,000 adjustable seats is opening in 2021, and a 20 million euro space-themed roller coaster is launching this year.

Futuroscope is currently investing between 13 and 15 million euros a year and has renovated around 25% of its attractions.

In 2017, The Extraordinary Voyage created by Dynamic Attractions was launched, representing, at €13.5 million, Futuroscope’s largest investment to date.

In 2018, 6 million euros was invested VR attraction with a Sébastien Loeb theme.

Images: Atelier D Joulin, Atelier Zundel Cristea/Futuroscope