Lagotronics Projects announces new dark ride for Asia

Interactive attractions specialist, Lagotronics Projects, is launching a new dark ride in Spring, 2019, in Asia.

The location and the theme park of the new dark ride are currently top secret.

Lagotronics Projects have launched dark rides in Wanda’s Wuhan Movie Park, Wanda Mall Nanchang, Shimao’s Skyscraper City and EonTime World.Lagotronics Logo

This dark ride project in Asia has been commissioned to Lagotronics Projects. The new dark ride project will allow Lagotronics Projects to further strengthen its presence in the Asian theme park industry.

The planned opening for the new Farm Fair dark ride will be spring 2019.

Lagotronics Projects first unveiled its Farm Fair GameChanger at EAS in September 2017. The company had launched the GameChanger concept the previous year as a way to offer a very high capacity dark ride on a very small footprint.

Lagotronics Projects is a leader in turnkey theme park solutions, interactive attractions, show experiences and dark rides.

Image: Wanda Mall Nanchang, courtesy of Lagotronics Projects