The new Mystic Timbers attraction at Cedar Fair’s Kings Island, has teased theme park fans with a question, ‘What’s In The Shed’? Whilst riders will find out once the coaster finshes and they enter the shed in question, before getting on the ride they will also experience a queue line preshow created by Holovis.

The preshow is delivered as a turnkey production by media-based attractions company mystic timbers logoHolovis. It gives riders the opportunity to dig a little bit deeper into the story of the ride. They can speculate as to why the the abandoned premises of the Miami River Lumber Company, the setting for the attraction, was suddenly abandoned back in 1983.

Mystic Timbers is the park’s fourth wooden roller coaster. It measures 3,265 feet in length, is 109 foot tall and takes riders over steep cliffs, ravines and water at 53 mph.

Preshow delivered as a turnkey production

Mystic Timbers wooden roller coaster kings island preshow

Amy Steele is VP of Development at Holovis. She says, “Mystic Timbers is a unique project for Kings Island as it combines a great coaster with immersive storytelling. The preshow is filled with eerie details, from the 1980s talk radio blaring from a crashed truck in the queue line to mysterious CCTV footage warning guests to turn back before it’s too late. What’s In The Shed will astonish guests and we are proud to have produced and delivered this highly anticipated show.”

Holovis delivered the preshow as a turnkey production. They worked closely with Daniels Wood Land, who provided the theming for the queue line and in the ride itself. This includes the mysterious crashed truck and the ride billboard. There is also a large overhead sign which firsts sets the scene for the attraction from the outside.

Andy Dauterman is Custom & Theming Projects Manager at Daniels Wood Land. He says, “Combining our scenic talents with Holovis’ production abilities was a natural fit. This collaboration will deliver a thrilling environment that guests are really going to enjoy from start to finish.”